Our mission is to help connect individuals who want to grow and protect their capital with offerings that, until now, only ultra-wealthy investors had access to. FirstLine Financial provides hard-working individuals with data-driven strategies for portfolio managing and comprehensive financial planning.

We believe education is the key to growing the tree of financial freedom. That is why we take a holistic approach in discovering your financial needs. We invest in time to make sure you fully understand where your money is going. After all, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

We Focus On You

Fiduciary Standards

We are a fiduciary, meaning we are legally required to operate with full transparency. We put your needs before our own. Our duty is to care and continually monitor not only your investments, but also your changing financial situation.


We are an independent financial firm, meaning we have access to financial products from the whole of the market. We have no affiliations with any particular investment company, bank or other corporate entity. We work independently for you.


We are champions of communication. We are here for you anytime life happens, financially. Our clients have access to our principal Financial Advisor, Ryan D. Larson, by email or phone. We take our client relationships very seriously. To us, you are like family.


Ryan Larson and FirstLine Financial are outstanding! Ryan really cares about his customers by providing personal attention to their financial needs and goals. My financials are a personal matter to me and FirstLine Financial went above excellence in customer service by providing one-on-one attention. It’s not about money in their pocket, but it’s about money in my pocket and if I am secure in my portfolio. I have been a customer for years and I am very pleased with Ryan and his employees in making me feel that I am not just another number, instead they make me feel like I am one of the family…and family takes care of family. 

~ Veronica Martinez, 2015