Director of Client Services

Jason is the Director of Client Services of FirstLine Financial. He brings over 23+ years of investment industry experience. He found his passion in the investment world when he first started working as a front desk administrator in 1997 with Dean Witter Reynolds. Jason quickly advanced in the administrative and operations role as Dean Witter joined forces with Morgan Stanley and he took over as the head of cashiering and new accounts. He is fortunate to say that he has developed a vast amount of knowledge in both the retail and independent side. He joins the firm with abundance of expertise in areas including but not limited to training, operations, compliance, marketing, and client services. He has a real passion for helping people and takes pride in his hard work ethic.

Quote To Live By:

"We are all born empowered to change our world; Courage is to live with the purpose to do so." ~ Jason Landers

Jason Landers

In addition to our team, we partner with key financial institutions to deliver a comprehensive financial experience.


Katlyn Nielson

V.P. / Regional Director

Trey serves FirstLine Financial as a Regional Director with Loring Ward providing business consultation, education on academic investment strategies and client experience guidance.

Trey Nelson

Account Manager

Katlyn serves FirstLine Financial as Account Manager/Client Support with Loring Ward helping with ongoing operational needs, and working closely with custodians to ensure investor requests are handled seamlessly and timely.

Director of Operations

Kate Larson is the Director of Operations of FirstLine Financial. She joins the firm as a marketing guru with expertise that spans from photography, graphic design, visual communications, branding, corporate identity, and new market development for small to medium size businesses. With a decade of marketing experience in industries such as publishing, luxury real estate, sustainability, finance, and governance, risk and compliance, Kate brings her vast expertise in research, creativity, and client relations to FirstLine Financial.

Quote To Live By:

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible!'" ~ Audrey Hepburn

Kate Larson


Founder, Investment Advisor Representative

Ryan Larson is the principal Investment Advisor and owner of FirstLine Financial located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Ryan recognizes the importance of growing and preserving the assets accumulated for retirement and the need for reallocating those assets in transition from the working years to the retirement years. Focused on the unique needs of retirees and transitioning Boomers, Ryan employs a host of time-tested strategies utilizing both securities and insurance offering. Ryan's personal mission is to protect one's life savings from unnecessary risks from market fluctuations and avoid fees and when ever possible, create tax efficiencies.

Attention to detail, desire to educate and empathy for the workingman, are natural characteristics that make Ryan different from those in the industry. Clients appreciate his thorough, considerate approach to help support their financial needs. Ryan believes that everyone deserves a chance at the "American Dream" and to lead a life they want to lead in retirement. It humbles Ryan when he is given that opportunity to make dreams happen for his clients.

Quote To Live By:

"Stop worrying about what you have to loose, and start focusing on what you have to gain" ~ Unknown

Ryan D. Larson